Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Never Felt So Good

So as I said....THIS POST IS BEING WRITTEN FROM MY OWN BED!! WOO HOO!!! Sunday I went to get blood work with the hope of being released. Now up until this point my counts were being very very stubborn. I tried talking nicely to them. I tried tough love. Nothing seemed to be working! However, a little shot of Neupogen on Friday and my counts had all the motivation they needed! I seriously almost hugged my doctor because my counts were so good! It was crazy! To give you a little idea...it took 6 days for my ANC to go from 0.1 to 0.4. With the Neupogen in 2 days it went up to 1.7! Incredible! 

So now I'm home! I got home Sunday afternoon and have been hanging out ever since. I'm still puking almost everyday (multiple times sometimes), which isn't fun. I'm pretty weak still too, but I'm getting better! Each day I'm working on getting stronger and puking less. It's really quite the life I tell ya. I go to the doctor on Thursday, so I will have updated counts and information. 

In other great news...I've reached some incredible milestones! Now to the normal human these don't seem like much, but to me....they're HUGE!! 

1. I'm down to 1 pill twice a day!! I was like a walking pharmacy for a while, so this is fantastic!
2. I'm allowed to use tooth paste! In the hospital I had to brush my teeth with this awful stuff! Not any more!
3. I don't have to use bottled water for everything! I'm free to use tap water as long as I don't drink it! Woo Hoo! 
4. I can bathe and shower freely! No wrapping anything! No keeping anything dry! No rules at all! FREEDOM!

Thanks for all your continued prayers! I know that I've done so well only because of the tons of people laying me at the foot of the cross over and over again. I'm asking that you continue to pray for strength and healing. I'm a far way from where I need to be, but I'm definitely a lot closer being at home then down in Indy! Home just makes you feel better. (Plus at home grandma cooks! :) ) 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still Not Home

I know it's been awhile since I last updated you all on my life, but it hasn't been too exciting, believe me. Tuesday I finally got out of the hospital, but not after some nice excitement. My mom was getting to the hospital around 2:30, but at 1:45 ish the hospital went into lockdown mode because of a possible gunman on the IUPUI campus. I didn't worry too much until it became hours and still no lift on the lockdown. Luckily I had a great nurse and we put our brains together to get everything done so I could actually leave. For a little bit it looked like the lockdown could have made me stay another night and I was NOT doing that!

Although I am out of the hospital, I am restricted to going to my uncle's house and the hospital. I have been going everyday to get blood work and am still just waiting on my counts to get high enough. Friday my doctor decided to give me a shot to help boost my counts, and I got my line out! YAY! It wasn't very fun, but it's out. Imagine a doctor pulling a tube out of your jugular...not really fun. On the positive though, I no longer have tubes hanging out of my chest! Woo Hoo!

I'm headed back to the hospital tomorrow (Sunday) to get blood work for hopefully the final time. I had today off, which was nice, but I would have liked to get it over with today and gone home. I'm only 0.1 away from what I need for my ANC, so I am praying that I make it by tomorrow! I'm so excited to be home it is crazy! I'll be limited on what I can do when I get home, but at least I'll be home!

Life is good right now! For the most part, I'm feeling so much better. I'm still having problems with my pills. My stomach can't handle the amount of medicine they're giving me, so I'm still puking. I've been using my thinker and I think I have a solution to this problem, but I'll let you know what my experiment turns out! Prayer requests for now are just for continued count increases! I think I may have the most stubborn blood counts in the world. Those little things just hate multiplying. Silly blood cells! Also, please pray I get to go home tomorrow! I seriously need to go home! It has been way too long!

Want to know what's awesome? The next time I update this blog I will be at home! WAHOOO!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The End is in Sight!

So after I updated you all this morning, some things changed in my favor. No, my numbers didn't miraculously come up, unfortunately. However, good news has come! They are letting me out tomorrow!!! Now it is limited freedom as I have to stay locally in Indy (at my uncle's) and come back to the clinic everyday until I'm fully released! The experts here say that should be by the end of this week! WOO HOO!! Tomorrow I am free! :)

And Still Waiting...

It's been awhile since I blogged, but to be honest, there hasn't been a lot of excitement in my life. I guess I can tell you my mom beat me at Phase 10 for the first time by only 5 points. It was a disaster. In my defense, I was on medicine and feeling a little sick.

I've gotten a whole lot of mail, which always brightens my days! I love when it's mail time! They don't bring it to me every day so when they do it is a whole bundle! I love it!

I'm feeling better each day, and my body is healing itself. I'm really happy about that because let me tell you, there were some miserable days. My counts are going up, but not as quickly as I would hope. I want to go home so badly it's ridiculous. I know they won't let me, but my plan is to beg everyday until they say yes. My best guess is that I'll be set free on Wednesday or Thursday. I can't wait to be home! This is one vacation that I don't care to extend!

I've had lots of visitors, too! That's been a lot of fun! It's been great to catch up with people, and it makes the time pass a lot faster!

On the agenda for this week....read some books. I've been here for so long and have only read one book. Isn't that ridiculous. Don't ask me what I do with my time, because I don't know. It's a mystery!

Praises that I'm feeling a lot better, but please continue to pray for my counts to increase. Unfortunately, my counts, not how I feel, are what get me out of this place.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

It's been almost a week since I updated you guys! Eek...sorry! Each day is basically the same. I've been pretty sick this last week. Actually I've been really sick. My counts are still down, but I'm encouraging them daily to get going! I've had to have two blood transfusions and 2 bags of platelets, but that isn't nearly as much as I could have. My doctors and nurses are happy with my progress, so that's encouraging. It is a mystery how EVERY part of my body can be affected by the chemo. It blows my mind.

I have had 1 puke free day out of the 15 days I've been here....those numbers aren't so good, but I'm hopeful for the next couple days! I've been getting all kinds of cards and encouragement, and I seriously can't thank you all enough! I love getting mail! Today I got 16 cards and a large package! Even the nurses were impressed! All my shelves are now full of cards, so we hung them on the wall! Its like a card party in my room! I love it!

Specific prayer requests are that my counts start recovering ASAP! Also, please pray that I can start keeping food down. Even if my counts are good, I won't be able to leave until I can keep food down! It's a weird prayer request, but pray the puke away! ha!

In other news...I smoked my mom in Phase 10 like never before! Total Domination! My grandma Steph is coming down this weekend because she's going to take me on! And to that I say, "Bring it on, Grandma!" Results to follow! :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Much on the Home Front

I thought some of you may want an update, but I don't really have much to update you on! Monday and Tuesday I got my cells back. Let me tell you...that may be the worst thing I've ever done in my life. It was awful...truly! But the great thing is I made it, it's done, and God is still good! On a positive note about yesterday though...I was freed from my IV pole! WOO HOO! As long as I keep promising to drink lots of fluids I can stay free! It may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, when you're half asleep in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom...that pole is the enemy!

Today has been a chill day. I have had some nausea, but no puking! As long as that remains for the rest of the day, this will officially be my first day here not puking! I'm counting that as a victory! My counts are dropping as they should. They dropped quite a bit from yesterday to today. They expect them to bottom out Friday- Sunday, which means some transfusions and whatnot. I met another patient today. She wants to be social too, so I think it will be a good friendship. We talked about how we should organize events for the unit so we're not all shut in our rooms all the time. We're going to make it happen. Just watch!

Tomorrow my grandma is coming to visit and my mom ran errands tonight. You know what that means right?!?! Restocked in all my favorite things! I'm going to have everything I love tomorrow! Sparkling water, Redvines, fruit by the foot, toaster strudel, and everything good!

So although this is a short update, I thought you may want to know how I'm doing. And just to put it out there...I'm whooping my mom at Rummikub! She has no chance! I'm hoping she'll bring cards back with her so I can smoke her in double solitaire, too! I think she's only beat me once and that's when I was doing chemo in Fort Wayne! Bring it on! I love games! I love winning games, too! ha! :)

Until next time...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Humble Abode...Room 5254

So a lot has happened since my last update, and yet not much has happened at the same time! Wednesday and Thursday had their ups and downs. I think I puked each day, but things could be worse! Friday was a rough day. I was sick most the day, but my friends Courtney and Kelly came to hang out for the weekend so it made it better! Saturday had its ups and downs as well, but again it was great because I had great visitors! Thanks to the Glancys I'm now fully stocked on lentil soup! yay! Courtney, Kelly and I decided to reward ourselves for walking quite a few laps with a top of the line milkshake (Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, milk, and peanut butter). It sure was delicious, but my stomach was not happy! Saturday also included using my new Slushie Magic. If you've never had a Cran-Grape slushie, you're missing out big time!

Today, Sunday, was interesting. I did my last chemo, but we had some complications. We were just minding our business playing Humm Bug when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but little floaties going in my line. My friend Kelly immediately called the nurse in, so I could tell my nurse that there were floaties in my line. It was a very intelligent sounding complication. It had a simple explanation. Someone backwashed into my chemo. Ok, so that's not true and they actually have no idea what happened, but luckily I was just in the flush phase and had already gotten all the chemo. I visited some more with my friends (including Rachel who came for the day). I puked only once, so that's a good day in my book. The other problem today was they gave me this nausea medicine that made me freak out. My body was not happy. I was not happy. Needless to say, I will not be using that medicine ever again! It was bad. For supper I had half a container of Redvines Licorice - don't judge.

Tomorrow I start getting my cells back. I will get half tomorrow and half on Tuesday. They call this your new birthday, so if my calculations are correct I now have 4 birthdays. I like that! I have March 4 & March 5 as my new birthdays, March 10 as my half birthday, and September 10 as my original birthday. Feel free to celebrate all 4 with me (You have my address...ha)! I like celebrating. I like birthdays. I like that I have 4 birthdays to celebrate! :)

My counts are still good, so I'm waiting for them to bottom out. They anticipate them doing so around this Friday. After that it will be a matter of building them back up. My goal is to be out of here ASAP! I'm bored already as you can imagine. Prayers for the quickest comeback of cells ever are very much appreciated! I'm ready to go home!